Vessel Deliveries

Whether it is power or sail, we have the expertise to deliver your vessel safely, efficiently, and with peace of mind.

For many, the thought of trusting your vessel to another person is daunting at best.  We understand and that is why we take great care in planning your delivery.  Safety, weather, routing, services, applicable laws and regulations, and many other factors are meticulously attended to by our experienced and USCG licensed delivery Captains. 

In addition to clear contracts and voyage planning, our mobile satellite communications keep you in touch and updated with the progress of your vessel, 24/7, anywhere in the world. 

Contact us today to see how easy it can be to have your vessel delivered to her new home port or cruising ground.


SV Appa is back in Puget Sound after returning home from Honolulu, HI.
SV Avocet enjoying the SoCal sunshine after her trip from Seattle.